The RayJ

Call me RayJ. Pronounced RayJay.

The Beginning

Born in the mid 1960’s in a Utah. Grew up in the next to the Cascades in Springfield, Oregon. Did my high school years in Pahrump, NV. Where I finally got the opportunity to lean computer programming on an Apple IIe. Circa 1982ish. I soon had a Commodore VIC20 and then a 64. I was well and truly hooked. I read about programming, thought about programming, talked about programming, learned about programming, and would often dream about programming. For me, coding is more than a technical skill. It is an art. Concept, design, create, debug, update, test, implement. I see coding as an artist sees painting.

The Enigma of Linux

I am a Linux person. I prefer open source. Prefer not to support the secret worlds of those other operating systems. That is not to say that I cannot work equally well on those other operating systems. I do charge extra for that.

I am comfortable with command line work and manually editing config files. I prefer to know how things work. This helps solve many problems.

I do most of my coding on a “A fast and lightweight IDE” called Geany. I have tried various RAD like development systems (PHPStorm, Visual Studio Code, Atom, etc), they are all fine, I am just too set in my coding style to convert over. I may (eventually) use Atom or VS Code.


I have traveled a bit. Visiting about half the states in the US. I have visited the following countries: Japan (Tokyo), China (Hong Kong), New Zealand (various), Italy (various), and Thailand (various). I have landed at airports in Taiwan and Germany (while traveling) but did not get the chance to visit.

In the near future I will be moving my base operations to Thailand. The land of smiles.